Using Twitter at Your Conference


With mobile apps and social media dominating the world we live in, it is almost a certainty that you should integrate both areas into your event.

Here are 5 Key Features to help you fully integrate Twitter into your event today.

1. Pick a hashtag early.

Make sure your tag is specific (and not being used by other events), and start using it before the actual event to get your Followers accustomed to using it too. Make sure you are putting it out on all your social media streams to maximize your exposure. Also talk about using Twitter during all of your promotional advertisements

2. Tell people to Tweet.

Include the hashtag in any promotional materials and post signs at your event that remind people to tweet. For example, place signs with the hashtag on each floor. You can also show off the latest tweets on TV monitors at the event by setting up TweetDeck and just searching for the hashtag.

3. Tweet often.

From your official account, tweet the day’s schedule every morning, or tweet quotes from speakers as they say them, or tweet questions, or tips, or links to press coverage — whatever you think your Followers might care to hear, tweet it.

4. Ask your speakers to tweet.

Inform all the event speakers about the hashtag so they can use it when tweeting about the event. Note that this can also be a great way to grow your overall following.

5. Save all the tweets from the conference.

Twapper Keeper, a free service, will archive tweets with a specific hashtag. Just be sure to set it up before the event.

Happy Tweeting and enjoy watching your Engagements Jump thru the roof!

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