Turn your Activity Day on your Incentive Trip into a lasting memory for all

Why just give an incentive trip when you can give inspiration?

Often times clients want to create an incentive trip for their guests for recognition for exceptional employee performance or appreciation for clients and customers. Typically what is done is a list of activities is created in which the guests may choose.  They load a vehicle and are off for a day of fun. While providing a day trip to the city for shopping or to a museum to experience the arts is fun it may not provide the true lasting experience you would like.  I think back on all the “city tours” I have been to but couldn’t really recall alot about the details.  Why not provide an inspirational experience with a unique component that will have to guests talking about it from years to come.  Turn the ordinary to extraordinary.

How it works? Divide your group into small teams and create missions and challenges throughout the day that they will “creatively” solve while on the activity, puzzles at various locations throughout the day.  You can even create your corporate brand around the activity.  The teams within the group will need to capture the solution on a video or photo to share with the group later. Make your challenge interesting and you will get some real creative snapshots.

This provides not only a fun day but also helps to build relationships within the group.  Once you have collected all the snapshots, create a video of the ‘happy faces” of all of the team. You will have seen the world’s beauty but also have an incredibly fun day to look back on with memories you created with your friends.

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