Social Media & Website Development

With Social Media becoming one of the best platforms to engage your Clients and Customers on, you must make sure you have your setup correctly done for you.


1. Social Media Setup Package

With this Package we will create customized social media profile pages for your business. We set up Facebook Pages, Twitter accounts, Blogs, YouTube Channels, and Foursquare venues, to name a few. You can choose as many social media channels as you wish.

For more details on how our social media profile setup process works,
Contact Us.


Our pricing depends on the number of social media channels you choose to set up –

  1. Set up 1 social media channel: $149 one-time fee
  2. Set up 2 social media channels: $219 one-time fee
  3. Set up 3 social media channels: $289 one-time fee
  4. Set up 4 social media channels: $359 one-time fee
  5. Set up 5 social media channels: $429 one-time fee

2. Social Media Management Package

For customers who need to have their social media pages managed and updated regularly, meck International offers the Social Media Management Plan. With this monthly recurring plan you would not need to worry about maintaining your social media fresh with new content and updates, we will do that for you. This Plan includes the following services-

Facebook Page

  1. Post status updates twice/week. Status updates can be of some or all of the following nature –
    News, promotions, general messages directly from company
    Industry news, videos
    General chit-chat with fans
    Facebook Questions
  2. Manage Facebook Inbox, messages, monitor and respond to comments
  3. Update company photos and information
  4. Monthly report that includes number of users, likes, and page interactions


  1. Tweet 4 times/week
  2. Monitor and manage direct messages


  1. Create 2 simple text/picture-based videos per month
  2. Monitor and respond to comments
  3. Monthly report showing number of video views and profile viewers


  1. Post pre-written blogs
  2. Monitor and respond to comments
  3. Monthly report showing number of visitors, traffic sources, visitor profile

Social Media Content Strategy

To ensure that your social media pages are updated with the nature of content that you need, prior to starting your page management we will work with you to plan out your content strategy. If you have a very general idea about what you want, we will work out the specifics for you. If you know what you want specifically, let us know and we will follow through your strategy. If there is anything you would like to adjust along the way, we will always be available to make the changes for you.

To tailor to each business’ specific needs, our Plan is flexible and we are willing to cater to your specific requests. If you have any questions, please let us know through our
Contact Us page.


  1. One time setup fee of $349
  2. $459/month*

*3 month minimum contract required


3. Email Marketing

What We Do

  1. Design basic HTML promotion email
  2. Manage your email list and import them into mass email service provider
  3. Send your emails
  4. Track email sending results: delivery rate, open rate, click rate, unsubscribe rate


  1. 0 – 2,000 emails/month: $120
  2. 2,001 – 10,000 emails/month: $200
  3. 10,000 – 50,000 emails/month: $300
  4. 50,000 – 150,000 emails/month: $360


4. Website Setup and Management

*Please note that we need access to your web hosting account to provide this service. Should you not have a webhosting account we will assist you in setting this up. Client is responsible for all hosting fee cost.

What We Do

  1. Set up your company website on a Content Management System
  2. Homepage, content pages, contact form
  3. Customized website design
  4. Basic training on adding/editing content on website, use of common widgets/plugins
  5. Social media integration (Facebook Like button, Twitter feeds, Blog feeds, YouTube videos embedment)
  6. Website hosting and domain registration
  7. Basic SEO – title tag, description tag, keywords
  8. Set up Google and Bing Webmasters accounts
  9. Submit your website to Google and Bing search engine directories
  10. Create weekly sitemap and submit to Google and Bing


  1. Starting at $1,999