How to Earn Money with Seminars

If you already have an online business, you may be looking for a way to spice things up a bit, get out of the house, meet new people and of course, make more money. If so, then hosting seminars for your niche market is the answer. You can make an enormous amount of money hosting offline seminars. Many seminar organizers charge upwards of $500 dollars per person per day to attend a conference, not including hotel room costs. But, aside from the straight fee, there are many other ways to earn money from seminars.

  • Sponsorships — Seek out sponsors within your immediate online community for the event as well as sponsorships from local businesses. Simply call them up on the phone or drop by their office with a nice presentation of what you will be presenting and ask for sponsorships. Also ask for sponsorships in all your advertising for the event.
  • Speakers — Sometimes if you want a really great speaker you have to pay them, but in the Internet Marketing world oftentimes speakers pay the event host for the opportunity to be at the event, sponsor the event, and market their wares at the event. (It’s kind of like renting a table at a fair.)
  • Products — Don’t forget to offer all your products at a table for sale. Offering discounts over and above other discounts will encourage attendees to buy. Do you have books, memberships, or other products you can promote at the event? If so, do so!
  • Services — If you sell services, now’s the time to mention it, and offer your services to attendees who seem to have a need. Always give them the information so that they can avail themselves of your services later, with an attendees discount of course.
  • Recordings — Create professional recordings of the entire event, every speaker, and even attendee reactions at the event. You can offer the recordings to those who could not attend at a premium price and at a discount to those who did attend. It’s typical that attendees cannot see every last speaker at an event and this gives them the opportunity to later.
  • Upgrades — If you have assigned seating, consider offering upgrades for better seating and better placement to view speakers and participate in events.
  • Specials — Throughout the day offer short-term specials on products and services. This works kind of like a “blue light” special at Kmart. “The people to come forward can get this product at 50% off the regular price for the next five minutes.”
  • Door Price — Offer a discount if tickets are purchased in advance but always offer door price for those who find out about it at the last minute. This price should be a premium and if you’re sold out, still consider it because people cancel at the last moment. You can always put up a sign at the entrance if you’re still sold out. If you have future events already planned, give those people a chance to sign up right now for the next event.
  • Coaching — If you’re a coach or consultant and you want to offer your coaching or consulting, even if you’ve never done it before, now’s the time to jump in and do it. Everyone at the event sees you as an expert and your time will be in demand so be sure to price it right (at a premium) and you’ll really increase your bottom line!

Never overlook how to make money from hosting events on the backend. Because, the truth is, you’ll likely make more money overall from the things you sell to the attendees later than you made from the event. While you can make a living off events such as these, all the better to increase your passive income when and how you can.

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