5 Icebreaker Games for your next Event

Recently I had a client and good friend ask me to help him come up with some icebreakers for his event! While it was very easy for us to come up with a few for him this is a very challenging department for some people. How do you get your attendees/guest to talk and have fun with each other right from the begining?

I am going to explain the rules to 5 Very popular Icebreakers for you to use at your next event.

1. People Bingo - People Bingo is one of the most popular ice breakers because it’s so easy to customize for your particular group and situation, and everyone knows how to play it. Make your own bingo cards with our lists of characteristics, or use an online card maker.

2. Marooned - This icebreaker is a great introduction when people don’t know each other, and it fosters team building in groups that already work together. I have always found people’s answers to be very revealing about who they are as a person. Who would you want with you on a deserted island?

3. 2-Minute Mixer - You may have heard of 8-minute dating, where 100 people meet for an evening full of 8-minute dates. They talk to one person for 8 minutes and then move on to the next. Eight minutes is a long time in the classroom, so we’ll call this ice breaker a 2-minute mixer. Ready? Go!

4. Photo Scavenger Hunt - A picture is worth a thousand words. Almost everyone has a photo or two in their wallet or on their phone, especially when you’ve got a room full of adults, or even better, baby boomers with grandchildren. The photo hunt is on!

5. Where in the World - Technology and transportation in the modern world have given us the opportunity to learn so much more, often first hand, about the rest of the world. If you haven’t had the privilege of global traveling, you may have experienced the thrill of conversing with foreigners online or working side-by-side with them in your industry. The world becomes a smaller place the more we get to know each other.

No matter which type of Energizer you choose, make sure to get your attendees up, moving & shaking. By doing this after Opening Doors, Breaks/Meals or Long Periods of Content, you will increase your participation and engagement.

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